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Welcome to our web siteAntonio Plaza Barrero | President

santa_olalla_2015-8It is my pleasure to welcome you to our new website of Mancomunidad Itermunicipal Sierra Minera 2.0, a virtual space which offers wide and complete information about Mancomunidad and the five localities that comprise it: Arroyomolinos de León, Cañaveral de León, Cala, Hinojales y Santa Olalla del Cala.

Nowadays new technologies and especially social network websites provide us a powerful channel of communication between institutions and citizenry, therefore it is very important for us to keep everything up to date and use new technologies. Thus, this new website and our presence on the major social network sites, such as facebook, twitter, you tube, issue and flickr, adapt our entity to version 2.0.

 Moreover, the initiative of creating our own space on the internet and social network websites constitute a dynamic and an active way of reflecting what services we provide, in terms of training, employment, career orientation and tourism. What is more it will help with economic promotion and highlighting the launch of our new TV Sierra Minera channel which is a new virtual space where anyone can have direct access to the most relevant local cultural events.

 To sum up, the main goal of this space is to contribute in the development and promotion of this area which has its own identity and by the use of this tool it would show all of its potential.

 Mancomunidad intermunicipal Sierra Minera is located in the north of Huelva, in the northwest of Sierra Morena. It is comprised of the following localities: Arroyomolinos de León, Cala, Cañaveral de León, Hinojales y Santa Olalla del Cala.

More information

 Mancomunidad intermunicipal Sierra Minera is a new tourist destination in the province of Huelva. Only few towns on the Iberian Peninsula have preserved their beauty and mystery in such a pure form as the mountain towns of the Mancomunidad Sierra Minera. These lands have kept their traditions and customs for years as well as their ways of life and its unspoilt landscape to offer a real experience to travellers. This unique area makes travellers go back in time.

 Its meadows of oak trees are the great assets of the landscape, in which over the centuries man has been able to transform the original Mediterranean forest, while reconciling conservation and development.  People living in this area conserves this traditional scene of Andalusian town with white houses and long stone streets where children play, the elderly sit in the street enjoying fresh air and tell ancient legends and reminisce nostalgic memories to travellers and visitors.

The easiest and most convenient way to get to the area is through the N-630 road or A-66 Motorway to Santa Olalla del Cala, no matter if you come from Merida or Badajoz or Seville. Coming from Santa Olalla to Cala, the visitors should take N-630 in direction to Merida, after 2 km take the turn for A-434 Cala which also leads to Arroyomolinos de Leon. From this town take the HV-3122 you would get to Cañaveral de León and Hinojales.

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